Urbanism Without Effort, a tale of two podcasts

Continued interviews from around the country are rolling out this week, in anticipation of next Wednesday’s Town Hall-Seattle appearance.

It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to answer questions about Urbanism Without Effort and its backstory, and to answer questions at a level of detail I could hardly have predicted when I first proposed the idea to Island Press over a year ago.

Thanks in particular to Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns for asking me to appear on his podcast show to discuss the importance of understanding the fundamentals of human-city interaction, the role of complexity in planning and regulation, as well as potential take-aways for today’s practitioners.  The Strong Towns podcast is available here.

Thanks also to Andy Boenau for his insightful questions on Urban Speakeasy and Sustainable Cities Collectivewhere we focused on the way city life can develop organically, the role of top-down planning, the role of local values and preferences and distinguishing inspiration from prescription in how we use examples of great places from afar.  The Urban Speakeasy podcast is available here.

Finally, I was honored to be interviewed by Ruth Knack for a short feature in the July issue of Planning Magazine, available soon.



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