clarifying urban property rights, without effort

An entry in the new series, depicting the common sense dimensions of urban places


In today’s shareable city, there are some things—like driveway access—that are difficult for many people to surrender to chance. In this case, the means of communication, both inadvertent and direct, caught my eye for inclusion in this “common sense” series.

Over a year after publication of Urbanism Without Effort, I still come upon memorable, unique images of small-scale urban representations of standard human fare. In this instance, near dusk, my Sony A7S recorded a simple, private rights assertion next to public rights of way.

Consider this adaptation of what could well be a leftover holiday lawn ornament, a likely award winner in a conjectural  “you can’t make this stuff up” competition.

As I’ve said many times:  The urbanism we already have is often the best urbanism of all.

Image composed by the author in Seattle, in August, 2014. Click on the image for more detail. © 2009-2014 myurbanist.  All Rights Reserved. Do not copy.

For more information on the role of personal experience in understanding the changing city, see Urbanism Without Effort, an e-book from Island Press.

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