sustainability: time for a koyaanisqatsi assessment

If you never saw Francis Ford Coppola’s Koyaanisqatsi, a 1982 production depicting our environmental impact on the planet (directed by Godfrey Reggio), it is now available online and can be seen from the embedded link below. Borrowing from a Hopi indian term for “life out of balance”, the documentary film begins with unspoiled natural environments and progresses through manmade turmoil. The film remains one of the best one-sitting exposures to the consequences of unsustainable practices and continues to argue, without words, for an unfailing, new sustainability ethic.

After the movie, observe the best communal setting you can find in your city, and ask how we’ve changed.

3 thoughts on “sustainability: time for a koyaanisqatsi assessment

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  2. Jeanne Acutanza

    Love this film especially as it panned to nuclear reactors off the coast of California. Hmmm Everything old is new again.

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