mayoral urbanist, part 3 (the transitional ambassadors)

Many sources (including this blog) have chronicled Mike McGinn’s path to Seattle’s mayor-elect, with an inclusive campaign, distinctive themes and populist tenor. At a transition meeting this morning of diverse community leaders (including but not limited to labor, business, ethnic affiliations and neighborhoods), we learned that the style of the campaign will continue forward through the transition period, with “radiating spokes” in 10 days of outreach and at least three town halls the week of November 30th. Mike’s video below explains more, and highlights the three questions which those of us involved will be posing to communities of interest and sharing with Mike and his staff on November 23rd.

1. How do we build the strongest possible team to achieve the policy objectives and values set forth during Mike’s campaign (downloadable at

2. How do we build public trust in the new administration?

3. What do you view as the incoming administration and the city’s greatest challenge – what should we do first out of the gate?

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Mike McGinn Transition Update #!

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