seeing the better city extracts

The past several months have been full of appearances, articles and podcasts in multiple venues, ranging from Seattle, Washington D.C. and Cleveland, to Stockholm, nine Australian cities, four Portuguese cities, London (where I am now based), and more.

Most of these items are chronicled at companion sites and featured publications.  See the compilations at the Seeing the Better City and Seeing Better Cities websites.

See also, related articles and award nominations, including:

“A view of Seattle from the outside looking in,” Crosscut, August 6, 2018, here.

“Thinkers in the Tropical Shade: Empowering Lessons for Livable Places,” with Silvia Tavares and David Sellars, Planetizen, June 28, 2018, here.

Marc Furnival’s summary of Seeing the Better City, on page 28 of the Urban Design Group’s award booklet for the United Kingdom National Urban Design Award Finalists, presented in London on March 7, 2018.

“Forget ‘Smart’–We Need ‘Context Cities’,” Planetizen, December 17, 2017, here.

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