Urbanism Without Effort, coming soon…

Last year, I began work on my book, Urbanism Without Effort (Island Press, 2013), motivated by ideas I first presented in a short article here in myurbanist and in the digital edition of The Atlantic, here.

In the process of writing, the ideas evolved, as partially captured in the book’s subtitle, “Reconnecting With First Principles of the City”. Central to the book is the role of imagery, the urban diary concept, as well as other concepts first referenced in myurbanist and related articles in several publications.  

I have many goals for the book, keeping mind the countless preexisting books, essays and new media that already characterize people and place from different perspectives.  My central goal is to complement the vast role of precedent, and to help people see for themselves the richness of urban history and potential amid the challenges and opportunities encountering cities today.

Courtney Lix, Associate Editor at Island Press, played a key role in helping several blog-based notions combine and mature into another, more organized medium.

The book is slated for release in electronic form later this month. The associated writing, rewriting, photography and follow-up certainly explain the irregular timing of myurbanist entries for the past year. Thanks to readers for standing by!

See below for the flyer, which provides more detail. Watch the Island Press website, here, for the latest!


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