learning from “the crossing” and “the urban bench”

I’ve often written that there is no substitute for imagery that humanizes urban trends and brings to life popular city pastimes.

The two black and white photographs below are no exception, and, by design, need little interpretation. One is passive, the other active, but together they illustrate the increasingly shared nature of the American city street.

In “The Crossing”, a distant pedestrian shows the way to the protagonist, as she forcibly takes back the street with willful abandon.

In “The Urban Bench”, three women–one independent of the others–share a space carved out for sitting, observing and interacting with the urban fabric.

In the end, both “The Crossing” and “The Urban Bench” invite reflection, and infuse a European flair to otherwise traditional American asphalt settings.

All images composed by the author. ©2012 Charles R. Wolfe

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