incremental placemaking: the urban cottage grows

With the transition of seasons, the evolution of renewal in Seattle’s Madrona Woods moves on, with continuing reconstruction images of the “Thoreau-like cottage,” expanded.

This supplement to prior entries, here, here and here, shows a second story now rising from the original footprint. The bottom line: While not remaking a neighborhood in one fell swoop, such small-scale projects may represent the true indicators of the changing American city.

5 thoughts on “incremental placemaking: the urban cottage grows

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  2. 25 years ago my family moved into an 800 sf cottage in the Bryant/Ravenna neighborhood. Over the years we have seen this 1920’s workforce housing transform to accommodate young and extended families. Great schools, markets and shopping combined with demographic shifts have contributed to create a great and evolving community. Curiously, the housing has evolved to meet demand…within a nine block area dozens of worker bungalows have expanded growing bedrooms and living space for the American family of four. This transforming neighborhood is a model for new and recycled communities of all sizes and at all urban scales. It is the American version of the shifting built environment found around the world…..

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