viewing urban, 2015

My first two images of 2015 really don’t need captions or narrative. At a glance, they show the viewable factors of context and color, light and dark, land and water, nature and structure, where people work and live and more.



These viewable factors are all rudiments of what we see in an urbanizing world, and suggest balances ripe for the ongoing dialogues of sustainability, climate change, the shared economy and assurance of equity along the way.

Happy New Year, plain and simple, from Seattle, urbanely photogenic for its first sunset portraits of the year.

Images composed by the author in Seattle. Click on each image for more detail. © 2009-2015 myurbanist. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy.

For more information on the role of personal experience in understanding the changing city, see Urbanism Without Effort, an e-book from Island Press.

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