a palette for placemaking

From the 23rd floor of Touchstone’s West 8th building in Seattle, a palette for placemaking frames the northerly view towards Elliott Bay. The 12 acre assemblage of parking lots and low rise uses is owned by the Clise family, who attempted to market the properties en masse in 2007 to no avail. The original, poster-like rendering below invites thoughts of the redevelopment potential which could be realized with the effective vision and management of an innovative purchaser.

10 thoughts on “a palette for placemaking

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  3. Nate

    If you squint just right, this almost looks like a grand, European boulevard. It’s a contrast to reality: a long stretch of city devoted largely to stationary automobiles (intentionally, as opposed to the “parking lot” quality of many of our meant to serve as swift-moving arteries).

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