now we all want to live in a college town

College towns are often the most walkable, serving a generation not yet auto-centric, and offering the classic mixture of businesses for the academy and small town “Main Street”. Here, Moscow, Idaho is no exception, with the University of Idaho a short walk to the west of downtown.

7 thoughts on “now we all want to live in a college town

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  2. Yours was the tone of the Facebook comments, which concluded this was a college town impacted by a neutron bomb and awaiting zombies.

    It was also at night, purposely photographed to show the “infrastructure” awaiting use.

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  5. UChicago '12

    New Haven CT has become the best college town in the country. It’s amazing to see the economic transition of cities like New Haven, West Phila, etc, when walkable places become more attractive.

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