Urbanism Without Effort, the first week

Thanks to Island Press, readers, colleagues and friends for the support during the first week of the Urbanism Without Effort launch.

The response through online vendors–especially Amazon rankings–suggests that a long-form version of the myurbanist approach has merit, and was, perhaps, long overdue.  And for those who have already downloaded, enhancements are coming, free of charge!

The Urbanism Without Effort web page is a one-stop venue about the book, related media and appearances. The summary below appears on the site’s Media page, and is current as of today.

The following 2013 articles and reviews reference Urbanism Without Effort:

Ronald Holden, “Chuck Wolfe’s urban manifesto“, Cornichon

ULI-Northwest Blog Entry on Book Launch Event (with downloadable Powerpoint presentation)

Roger Valdez. “Urbanism Without Effort? Let It Be!“, Seattle’s Land Use Code

Planetizen, “The Dynamic Potential of Urbanism Without Effort“, Planetizen

Miriam Axel-Lute. “Where Community is at Work Making Itself“, Shelterforce

Juan Carlos Garcia de los Reyes, “Urbanismo Sin Efuerzo“, La Cuidad Comprometida, Granada, Spain

Kaid Benfield, “How City Lights Change the Way We Experience Places“, NRDC Switchboard


The following representative 2013 articles by the Author reference Urbanism Without Effort:

Alley Movie Nights: Can you say urbanism without effort?“, Crosscut

The Dynamic Potential of Urbanism Without Effort“, The Atlantic Cities

Picturing 10 Qualities Every City Should Have“, The Atlantic Cities

Picturing 10 Urban Qualities Central to Every City“, Crosscut

Reclaiming the Urban Memory“, Sustainable Cities Collective

Movement and Settlement, Upside Down“, The Huffington Post

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