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Since our six month recap of myurbanist sightings in late April, further recent sightings merit additional thanks.

In particular, thanks to Planetizen for carrying the first Jerusalem urban sustainability piece of our Israel series, to Kaid Benfield for multiple kind references to our backyard cottage articles and initial postcard piece in his NDRC Switchboard blog and reprints in The Huffington Post and the Daily Kos. (See also Kaid’s great new blog post, “Musings on vacation sites, consumption, and resilient communities”, here).

Thanks again to Knute Berger for reference to myurbanist in his May, 2010 Seattle Magazine column.

And a final, special thanks to CH2MHill’s ever-improving Green Growth Cascadia blog (especially Jeanne Acutanza and Wesley Zhao) for reference to our Nord Alley piece and the current “Green Growth Profile” of myurbanist and background pontificator, as embedded below. Seattle’s Great City also provided a nice summary of the profile and the context for myurbanist, here.

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