when people and place meet nocturnal light

I have written about cities at night many times before, most recently in the context of innate relationships between people and urban settings in my upcoming book, Urbanism Without Effort, (Island Press, 2013). I find especially captivating the range of imagery that flows from such relationships, which I term here “meetings” of light, people and the built environment.

I have also spent several years photographing these “meetings”, and each time, dramatic, often multicolored reflections suggest new, alluring stories of people and place.

For the month of February, eleven of my favorite night city photographs from 2011 and 2012 will be on display at Cafe Verite’s Madrona location in Seattle.

Here is a virtual preview–a teaser–of five of those photographs. They will appear onsite in a variety of 20 x30 inch and 16 x20 inch framed editions.


When Place Meets Light





When People Meet Light



All images composed by the author in Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia and Melbourne, Australia. Click on each image for more detail.  © 2009-2013 myurbanist.  All Rights Reserved.  Do not copy.

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