the sustainable street corner, which regenerates urban life

New concept: The sustainable street corner, which regenerates urban life.

5 thoughts on “the sustainable street corner, which regenerates urban life

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  4. Bill B

    it sure would be different if up-zoned to 65 feet or more.

    protection of the single family zones will continue the class war and prevent ‘deep walkability’ throughout the city. the quaint neighborhoods will stay that way and everywhere else will be raised and rebuilt in someone else’s vision.

    what is needed is consistent densities and relaxed zoning uses. more work to be done…

  5. Kent Rhodes

    While I wish for a rennaisance in urban developement, America’s model of retailing is prohibitive torwards that goal. I grew up in Japan where the neighborhood grocery store is still an integral part of the community. You buy what you need and walk to get there and back. Less CO, more freshness, more health, more sense of community (& arguably, more security since people notice things out of place). The Safeways or 7/11’s are connected to a distant corporate HDQs and we are merely a “marketing opportunity”. America’s about Wall Street, not Main Street.

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