how to derive place capital from the overlapping dimensions of an urban view

Third in the new series, in the urban world, juxtapositions matter


There are some moments in a city where the built environment—so much a focus of day-to-day urban affairs—dwarfs in comparison to the overlapping dimensions of other arenas.

In the photograph above, intensity of experience results from the components of boats atop the marine environment and the interaction of weather conditions and a mountain viewable from the city.

Such scenes are at the core of cities ranked for their beauty, or for their proximity to recreation and natural surroundings.

Taking notice of the juxtapositions of this photograph is to embrace the assets of a place. Value lies in the overlaps and blending that create an inspirational experience, not just in each element itself.

Image composed by the author in Seattle. Click on the image for more detail. © 2009-2014 myurbanistAll Rights Reserved. Do not copy.

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